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How Might We … Teach Others About Eric Carle

The Pre-K classes have been very busy working on a way to share their new knowledge of Eric Carle and how he creates his books. Using their classroom iPads, the students decided to work together to make a how-to video

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Learning to Zoom in First Grade

As part of their study of maps, perspectives, and the geography of the globe, the first grade classes all read the book Zoom. After having explored the perspective of mapping and designing individual rooms earlier in the year (bedroom, classroom, lunch

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Helping our Gingerbread Babies

After working to empathize with their missing gingerbread babies and understand their needs, Ms. Keating’s class got to work on their ideas to help! The students moved from brainstorming to planning their designs, including making detailed sketches and lists of materials. Next, students

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Kindergarten Inventors: Solving for Others

Ms. Keating’s class has been working hard over the past few weeks to engage in an exploration of inventors and use the design thinking process as a way to help people in our school community. After learning about some inventors

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Becoming an Inventor in Kindergarten

The students in Mrs. Reinhard’s class have been working hard to learn about different inventors and then step into that role themselves! To begin, the students learned about and researched a number of different inventors, such as Garrett Morgan (stoplight),

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Building a Dinosaur Museum

Mrs. Bryant’s and Ms. Brown’s kindergarten classes have been working on a dinosaur design challenge for the past few weeks. They started by doing a lot of research on dinosaurs – reading books, digging for fossils, and engaging in activities in

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Digital Innovation in Learning Award

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