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Ms. Maggie Powers

Welcome to my technology website! I am the Lower School Technology Coordinator for PreK-2nd Grade students at Episcopal Academy. I help teachers and students integrate technology into their classrooms and together we explore ways to use technology as a tool for (global) collaboration, communication, and creation!

As an educator inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to education, I respect all of the children I work with as highly capable and able to express over a hundred languages. I see technology as one of those languages and I work to provide opportunities for children to express themselves through this language by creating products like movies, digital posters, podcasts, and other creative projects. I also feel that technology should be used in ways that are developmentally appropriate for each child. I work to share and promote resources that can enhance the curriculum and learning children are already being exposed to in class. This means that the tools, websites, and apps we use are generally open-ended, engaging, and supportive of creative problem-solving. 

I am an avid technology user and I love to explore new tech tools in order to examine how they can be applied in educational contexts in ways that are pedagogically meaningful. I believe technology can be used as a great resource and tool to connect educators and students around the globe, allowing for increased collaboration and cross-cultural exchange. Over the past few years, I have also worked increasingly with social media and other digital networking tools to build a Personal Learning Network of colleagues online so that I can constantly learn from others.

My master’s degree is in International Training and Education from American University, where I deepened my knowledge of global education and ways to facilitate collaboration among educators in the U.S. and abroad and my undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Education from Bryn Mawr College. When I’m not busy working on my computer, you can probably find me taking photographs.

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  1. Phill says:

    HI Maggie,

    I know I have seen you on Twitter as well, but wondered if you have tried our app Easy Blogger Jr that being tweeted up a storm in the lower years?

    It’s purpose designed for young users, and thought you might be interested to try.

    Please let me know if you would like a promo code. You can email me at the address given.


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