Come Learn About Polar Bears with Mrs. Donnard’s Class!

To begin their study of polar bears, Mrs. Donnard’s class visited the technology lab and took time to learn about some different websites they could use to research these arctic creatures. After exploring different sites and discussing which sites might be best to learn different types of facts or information, students had a chance to explore on their own.

After conducting research with a variety of materials, including some different websites about polar bears, students had an opportunity to hear first-hand how children live in an arctic climate. Mrs. Donnard’s class had a chance to use Skype to connect her class with a first grade class up in Haines, Alaska. Students in both classes took turns asking each other questions about the weather and activities at each school (e.g., How much snow do you get? What do you hunt?) and the students in Alaska showed students at EA where the polar bears live in Alaska.

After hearing from the students in Haines and researching polar bears in detail, the first graders in Mrs. Donnard’s class recorded facts about polar bears in a written report. They also returned to the technology lab to create pictures of a polar bear up in the Northern Lights using the program Paint. 

Finally, students recorded their facts as audio comments with their pictures using Voicethread, a free online presentation tool. Check out the results of their hard work below:

Tip: To hear some of our quieter students, you might want to wear headphones

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