Google Glass Exchange: Making Native Crafts

Mrs. Leach’s class has been studying about the Lenape, the Native American people that are from our area of Pennsylvania, as well as many other tribes across the United States.

Since each 2nd grade class is studying a different region of the U.S. and the different tribes that are native to those locations, the students hosted two “Craft Days” where they taught their peers how to make a craft that one of their tribes would have made.

Mrs. Leach’s class taught all of their other 2nd grade peers how to make a buffalo game and they learned how to make Navajo sand art. They used Google Glass to record their experiences so you could learn how to make them too! They asked a friend in another class to record the first-person perspective of making sand art since Mrs. Leach’s class was busy teaching.

Some questions for Ms. Cronin’s Class:

  • Do you study Native Americans? 
  • Do you ever teach other classes at your school how to do something?
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