Google Glass Exchange: A Snowy Day

We have had a lot of snow recently in Pennsylvania and Mrs. Leach’s class thought it would be fun to use Google Glass to help document and share the snowy weather with their partner class in Texas.

During recess, a few of Mrs. Leach’s 2nd graders helped show how students can go sledding at school. They also took some photos of our school campus covered in snow and showed us what it looks like to make a snowball while wearing Glass.

Mrs. Leach’s class wants to know:

  • Do you have snow in Texas? 
  • What is your weather like in the winter?
  • What happens during a normal day at your school?
  • What size is your school?
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One comment on “Google Glass Exchange: A Snowy Day
  1. Julie Faude says:

    I love seeing the student’s perspective. Especially going down the hill!

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