The Kindergarten Google Glass Exchange

Ms. Keating’s kindergarten class is starting a global collaborative project with Ms. Sudesh’s kindergarten class in Singapore! The two classes will exchange pictures and videos, taken by the students, to share new things they are learning and their unique perspectives. Students in Ms. Keating’s class will use Google Glass to capture and record their experiences and students in Ms. Sudesh’s class will use digital cameras or iPads. You can follow the “Keating Global Glass” blog category to see more updates!

To start, Ms. Keating’s class wanted to share a tour of their classroom that they created using Google Glass to show their parents what their classroom looks like and students’ favorite spots. What does your classroom look like? 

A Tour of K3 from Maggie Powers on Vimeo.

This is a tour of the K3 classrooms, recorded by kindergarten students and Ms. Powers using Google Glass.





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